Help / FAQs

When will I recieve my delivery?
All deliveries are on demand within 1 hour of placing the order. *Note: On Demand Delivery times can vary based on peak hours.

Will I recieve status updates? 
Yes. Once you've completed your order you will receive an email or text confirmation. A text notification will be sent out letting you know that the order is on its way. The driver will then call you when they've arrived.

Can I make changes to my order? 
You can always make changes to your order prior to check out. Once you have checked out, all orders are final.

Where do you deliver? 
We deliver anywhere within Washington DC.

What if I don't live in DC? 
At this time we only offer delivery within Washington DC.

What payments are accepted? 
We accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Can I tip my driver? 
Yes and it is appreciated! This option will be found on the check out page. 100% of your tip will go to your driver.

Is there a delivery fee? 
Yes. There is a $3 delivery fee and a $2 service fee.

Is there a minimum per order? 
Yes. There is a $10.00 minimum for every order.

What if I miss my delivery? 
We will be more than happy to reschedule your delivery, however a $5 re-delivery fee will apply.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery? 
We do offer the option of contact-less delivery. However if this is your first time, you may be required to verify your ID and credit card upon delivery. Unfortunately, delivery personnel are unable to leave any alcohol orders unattended. If no one above the age of 21 is present to receive an alcohol delivery, you may be charged a $20 restocking fee. 

Send us an email to and one of our team members will be happy to answer them. 

Buy from Locals

Buying from locals puts money directly back into our community. A win-win for everybody!

Delivery from Locals

Every order is in support of a local courier (who also receives 100% of the delivery fee and tip!)

Opportunity for Locals

Supporting local businesses means supporting their employees and the employees' families, too!