Community-Focused Food Delivery

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a safe and simple delivery for you and income and financial support for DC’s local businesses.

Now faced with a public safety crisis, delivery services have become essential. While this is largely a tragedy, we also see this as an opportunity to serve the community in support of our local companies. We invite you to join us in the initiative by ordering from a business in your area.

Our Community Deserves Better

The people that run our small business are our family, friends, and neighbors - and we're tired of them being taken advantage of by big corporations!

Restaurants are Losing Money

Restaurants are Losing Money

Between 15% to 30% of revenue goes to third-party platforms and couriers.

Courier's Wages are in Rapid Decline

Courier's Wages are in Rapid Decline

Cutting wages and "gamify-ing" the work is forcing drivers to compete for a barely liveable wage.

The Little Guys Face Fierce Competition

The Little Guys Face Fierce Competition

With many delivery services, restaurants risk their customer being directed to a competitor.

Want to work with us?

We're accepting new restaurants and couriers. Contact us about working together.

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Buy from Locals

Buying from locals puts money directly back into our community. A win-win for everybody!

Delivery from Locals

Every order is in support of a local courier (who also receives 100% of the delivery fee and tip!)

Opportunity for Locals

Supporting local businesses means supporting their employees and the employees' families, too!